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    THE BIOLOGICAL PRODUCTIVITY OF KUCHURGAN RESERVOIR WARMED ВY DISCHARGE FROM THE MOLDAVIAN POWER STATION Power Station has the area of 3000 hectares and the middle depth of 3,5 m. is situated in the lower part of the river Dnestr of the valley and represents by it self the relict of the Pridnestrovsky liman and keeps on over 30 species relict of ponto-caspian fauna nowdays. The reservoir is sated by spring-waters of the Dnestr and the river Kuchurgan. Morphologically the reservoir is subdivided into 3 districts: the lower – attached to the dam (1200 ha), the middle – (750 ha) and the upper (550 ha). Only the lower district is used for the cooling of the Power Station, owing to that the average year temperatura is become higher up 4°C, but in winter up 13-14° higher in reservoir in comparison with the natural temperatures. With the ...more >>